Intelligent brand identities. More impact.

Imagine your brand & products with a strong personality, more impact and better results across all your touchpoints.

We objectify, optimise and accelerate any brand and product design or innovation process for brand owners and agencies. Our patented iVisual framework combines colour science, design semantics and predictive intelligence to anticipate how consumers will perceive a design and make decisions in the first three to five seconds. Better results and increased conversion of all your online and offline communication is our promise.


One Inch Whale branding - iVisual

On-point brand identities with a strong personality 


AGC spaces - iVisual

Powerful, recognisable & colourful product ranges


Cristal packaging - iVisual

Intelligent packaging design  & human centric innovation


Cedral web - iVisual

Websites and apps with better conversion & results


BNP Paribas advertising - iVisual

Advertisement efficiency &  message hierarchy booster


Albert Heijn spaces - iVisual

Retail spaces & point of sale  leveraging the brand essence

95% of all consumer decisions are unconscious.
Colour is the key driver in 85% of all consumer choices.

Patented Color Science - iVisual

Patented colour science

Design semantics - iVisual

Design semantics

Predictive Intelligence - iVisual

Predictive intelligence

Behavorial Insights wheel - iVisual

Behavioral insights

Find out how we apply our 4 steps approach to boost the impact of your brand!

Packaging Squad logo - iVisual
EG product range - iVisual

We got your pack!

Your one-stop-shop packaging partner for innovation, design & pre-press in Europe. Powered by the expertise and co-creation of 4 industry innovators.  
  • Packaging research driven by consumer insights, context and behavioural economics.
  • Intelligent packaging design based on predictive colour & design semantics intelligence.
  • +40 years of international prepress production, packaging artwork & printing expertise.
  • Best-in-class artwork project management and digital brand assets software.
Packaging Squad logo's - iVisual

Innovation through actionable insights

One Inch Whale and iVisual joined forces to redefine human centric, insights-based brand & product innovation and design.  
  • Augmented qualitative & quantitative research based on the iVisual Framework to understand & define the key identifying brand assets.
  • A consumer-focussed, design & insights driven approach that includes context and behavioural economics in the final brand & product identity.
  • Smart sprints & ideation workshops to enable co-creation and validation in one integrated brand & product design process.
  • Powered by the patented iVisual Framework combining colour science, design semantics, predictive intelligence & behavioural insights.
Research & iVisual Nudging logo - iVisual
Research & iVisual Nudging technology - iVisual

Smarter sustainable choices.
Great consumer experiences. Every time.

Our ambassadors

Colour & design semantics define the identity, personality and impact of all brands and products around the world. This is why we love working for very diverse industries and boost the results of (inter)national brands and product ranges.

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