Super-fresh ideas and results, even without large research budgets

March 14, 2023

Starting a new business is an exciting adventure that comes with its fair share of challenges. This was certainly the case for, an online grocery store that delivers fresh, locally-sourced products to customers’ homes. Despite their confidence, they quickly encountered obstacles that needed to be addressed. To improve their business, they recognised the importance of taking a step back and gaining a fresh perspective. As a small company, they couldn’t afford to spend a significant amount of money on this endeavour. Nevertheless, by conducting market research and gaining valuable insights, they were able to better understand and meet the needs of their customers.

As an entrepreneur, how often does it happen that reality catches up with you? Taking effective steps in your growth process: everyone knows the feeling, but often time is lacking. This was also the case with, a start-up that has been selling artisanal products from Limburg via its online fresh food shop since 2021. Before taking the next step in their growth, they wanted to have the right knowledge from a scientific perspective before taking full-force steps in a certain direction. And this definitely does not require big budgets. On the contrary, through a lean low-cost way, important insights were soon uncovered. 


Distance creates proximity for consumers already has the operational part within its company covered. But sometimes, it is important to look at your own company from a distance. So decided to take a close look at its marketing strategy and align it more closely with consumer needs. The pressing question was: “How can we touch our customers’ nerve?”.

Using an online qualitative approach, One Inch Whale interacted with current and potential customers to map out the customer journey and define how consumers can be attracted and stay attracted.

We, on the other hand, researched Supervers’ colour identity which resulted in clear recommendations to make their colours more intuitive and powerful.

Furthermore, predictive intelligence was used to analyse the impact of the website. This method, based on artificial intelligence, predicts where people look, how long they look, and the order in which they view content. The resulting data provided clear recommendations on the offer, brand identity, and overall user experience. To align with Supervers’ values and desired impact on consumer behaviour, a new color palette and several mood boards were created.


From gut feeling to scientifically proven

Supervers has transitioned from relying on gut feeling to utilising hard data to identify areas for improvement. The gut feeling that often causes delays in the decision-making process has now been replaced by clear, objective and numbers-based marketing. Even if some of the findings converge with their gut feeling, thanks to this external objective view a clear consumer-centric direction is now being taken..

To quickly generate impact, they have implemented several “quick wins” that have resulted in immediate increases in sales. This marks the beginning of a new phase for their business. This research confirms the importance of taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture from time to time to move forward to new stages of growth. Supervers, which means “super-fresh” in English, is now taking the time to turn these super-fresh findings into effective actions. 

Original article by One Inch Whale, our partner in Research & Visual nudging.

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