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Packaging Squad Expert sessions
September 8, 2022


On Thursday September 8, 2022, we organise our first Packaging Squad Expert Sessions sharing the challenges and opportunities of packaging design and innovation in Europe! 

The Packaging Squad is an initiative of 4 industry innovators: One Inch Whale, iVisual, Athena Graphics and doQmind. We want you to be one step ahead of your competitors by objectifying, optimising and accelerating your packaging design process.

Silvia Scheers (AP Solutions, former Panasonic) will share how they objectified and optimised their packaging development. Julie Dumoulin (winner of the VIGC-EU Packaging innovation Hackaton) will take you on a journey of data-driven packaging and product design. 

An excellent beginning to kick off the interactive expert debate with our experienced panel:

• Silvia Scheers, Brand Manager AP Solutions, former Panasonic
• Julie Dumoulin, Founder Opinry
• Peter Hulsmans, former VP of Kodak, now CEO of doQmind
• Jasper Scheir and Wim Hamaekers, Founders of One Inch Whale
• Tijs Desmaele, Artwork Management Advisor of Athena Graphics

The event is free, but in case of no-show, a fee of 75€ will be charged. Cancellation is accepted 24 hours before the start of the event.


10h30  Boarding
11h  Introduction to Packaging Squad
11h15  Creating an impactful design for batteries by Silvia Scheers
11h50  Data-driven packaging and product design by Julie Dumoulin
12h25  Interactive expert debate
13h  Lunch and sharing ideas
15h  End


Stropkaai 68, 9000 Ghent

Packaging Squad logo
EG product range - iVisual

Why you should be there?

  • Packaging research driven by consumer insights, context and behavioural economics.
  • Intelligent packaging design based on predictive colour & design semantics intelligence.
  • +40 years of international prepress production, packaging artwork & printing expertise.
  • Best-in-class artwork project management and digital brand assets software.

Smarter sustainable choices.
Great consumer experiences. Every time.

Meet the squad

The Packaging Squad is a co-creation of 4 industry innovators.



One Inch Whale is one of the most innovative market research agencies in the world. From the basic exploration of consumers’ needs to the final implementation of a brilliant idea, we maximise the use of existing data and develop tailor-made research approaches to fill the knowledge gaps.



We objectify, optimise and accelerate any brand and product design or innovation process for brand owners and agencies. We combine colour science, design semantics and predictive intelligence to anticipate how consumers will perceive a design and make decisions in the first three to five seconds.



Athena Graphics is a design to print company. With more than 40 years of experience in international prepress production, packaging artwork & printing expertise, we are the indispensable link between brand owners, design agencies and printing companies. We are an European leader in technical innovations, digitalisation and automation.



DoQmind is an all-in-one portal for your artwork and packaging process driven by simplicity in usage. The Saas solution includes modules such as Project, Task and Asset Management.