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iVisual is your preferred partner to optimize, objectify and create the right visual identity for your brand or product range and maximise the impact of all your online and offline touchpoints.

Our teams guarantee better results and also work closely with forward-thinking professionals and design agencies in different areas who understand visual Intelligence, creativity and behavioural insights need to be part of the process.

BNP Paribas advertising - iVisual

BNP Paribas Fortis

iVisual advertising impact booster

  1. Visual audit of the existing situation to define the scope and options for the upgrade, respecting the brand & communication assets.
  2. Predictive visual mapping of the existing colours, contrasts, hierarchy and context in order to improve impact and conversion rates of all touchpoints.
  3. Online & offline visual optimisation of the ad with predictive intelligence dashboards to confirm message hierarchy and impact improvement.

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Colruyt advertising - iVisual

Colruyt Group

Jean Patou advertising - iVisual

Jean Patou

Bebat advertising - iVisual


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